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    New York State Parks marks use of bird-friendly glass

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    From the Bristol Herald Courier:

    The Observation Tower at Niagara Falls State Park is a popular spot for bird watching. Now it’s better for the birds, too.

    On Monday, New York state parks officials will recognize a college professor whose work led to the installation of bird-friendly glass in the tower.

    Passengers stranded in Skylon elevator

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    A group of 18 passengers were stuck in an elevator for about two hours after it malfunctioned at the Skylon Tower Wednesday night.

    Niagara Falls Fire Chief Jim Boutilier said firefighters were called to the Robinson Street business at around 8:30 p.m.

    Working with elevator technicians and the Skylon’s maintenance staff, about 10 firefighters helped to manually lower the glass-enclosed elevator to the ground. It had stalled near the top of the 775-foot tower.

    $99 One Night Package

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    Last week I received the latest newsletter from the Days Inn Niagara Falls Clifton Hill Casino.

    Antica Pizzeria construction

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    I posted a few weeks ago about the work going on at Antica Pizza on Victoria Avenue. You can see by the 3 pictures that the work is moving along. The newer part of the building will match the rest of the building. They are also building a new entrance. In the first picture you can see the tower, with the top being built separately on the roof on the left. The second picture shows the roof of the tower up. The third picture shows the metal roof being put on the roof.

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