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    What Influencers Won’t Tell You About These 8 Popular Getaway Spots In Ontario

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    From Narcity.com:

    Ontario is jam-packed with picturesque views and tourist destinations, many of which are super hyped up online. But there are things you should know before you visit these road trip spots to avoid disappointment.

    We’ve likely all been there; you see a photo on Instagram or a tourism website and plan a visit to a beautiful destination with an expectation in mind. Once you arrive though, you’re stuck in a situation that’s less than ideal.

    To prevent from happening, we’ve rounded up eight popular spots to visit in Ontario to share what social media influencers won’t tell you about them.

    Ripley’s now a selfie heaven: Attraction on Clifton Hill embraces kitsch and social media clicks

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    From Niagara This Week:

    The newest attraction on Clifton Hill is a selfie paradise.

    Ripley’s Selfie Studios, which opened at noon Thursday, offers 23 themed installations visitors can interact with. From a disco to a retro diner to a Niagara Falls tightrope, it’s meant to embrace the kitsch and get social media clicks.

    “We wanted something new, different and fresh,” said Peter Doyle, regional manager of Ripley Entertainment for Canada.

    “This really captures something very creative. It targets teenagers and young adults and they’ve been very successful elsewhere. You’re only restricted by your own creativity here.”

    Falls, Gorge site tour by USA Niagara a “Fail”

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    From the Niagara Falls Reporter:

    The latest skirmish between the David of the citizens of the city of Niagara Falls and the Goliath of state agencies such as State Parks, USA Niagara and the New York Power Authority, when it comes to waterfront development, appears to have been settled in our favor, at least for now.

    “I am comfortable calling a VICTORY on this,” posted film industry executive and community activist Ken Cosentino on social media late last week, “…there will be no commercialization down in the gorge, and nothing will be constructed that will interfere with the natural environment. All business endeavors will strive to use pre-existing structures; all enterprises will be geared more towards providing equipment rental (such as fishing poles or snowshoes) to tourists in order for them to best enjoy the gorge in its natural state… USA Niagara will respect the resolution passed by our City Council on Monday, July 24th. So, to reiterate, we the people of Niagara Falls, NY have officially preserved the Niagara gorge.”

    Niagara Falls images on Pinterest

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    Sometimes I’m a little slow…

    It wasn’t until just the other day that I considered what a great source for pictures of Niagara Falls that Pinterest could be. Somehow in one of my alert emails that I get, a pin by Susan Keltz showed up. It was a beautiful shot of the American Falls that was found on the Clifton Hill web site. I then just did a simple search for Niagara Falls, and saw all sorts of great pictures:


    World tunes in to Fear Factory faces

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    From the Welland Tribune:

    When Frank LaPenna received a text message saying the website for his business was seeing some unusually high numbers, he didn’t think too much of it. One of his employees wanted to let him know that the Nightmares Fear Factory website, which was typically getting 600 hits per day, had received 750 by mid-morning.

    By the time LaPenna got into the office of the Victoria Ave. haunted house 15 minutes later, however, that number had skyrocketed. “We said, ‘I think something is going on here.’ And then the analytics just went crazy,” he said.

    What LaPenna didn’t know at the time was that he and his director of sales and marketing, Vee Popat, had just hit the social media lottery.

    I saw these sorts of articles from many sites around the world. Here is one from the UK:

    • UK Daily Mail – The moment haunted house visitors encounter the scariest sight of all… their own faces (caught on hidden cameras)

    I also saw links from other places including Texas and Arizona.

    It even made it on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno!

    Another slow week (or more) of posting

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    I’m on vacation again now until about 10 days from now, so there probably won’t be a lot of postings. Actually, I do have a fair number already scheduled (including this one), so you might not even notice I’m gone 🙂

    While I’m off, I will be doing a couple of Niagara Falls-related things. On the night of the 15th my family is staying at the Doubletree. We’re looking forward to it. Also, sometime while I’m off I’ll be hooking up with regular blog commentor Adam who runs SocialMediaNiagara.com for an interview. Fun!

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