Wallenda’s High-Wire Walk: Experts Outline Dangers, Payoffs

Apparently there are University at Buffalo professors who are willing to talk about Nik Wallenda’s walk: On June 15, high-wire artist Nik Wallenda will attempt to cross Niagara Falls on a tightrope — the first such attempt in more than 100 years. He will use an 1,800-foot long, custom-made, two-inch wire that will stretch from…

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Leave it to TV to rob falls act of its suspense

From the Buffalo News: Remember all of those rooms Niagara Falls hotels expected to book for Nik Wallenda’s dramatic tightrope walk? If they really want to protect the tourist attraction’s brand, they should offer full refunds to anyone who cancels after finding out the death-defying feat they thought they were coming to see will be…

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ABC orders Wallenda to wear harness for falls walk

From CNews: For some tourists, Nik Wallenda’s wirewalk across Niagara Falls will still be a spectacle worth watching, even if he wears a safety harness. But others say the precautionary device dashes any excitement surrounding the event on June 15. “I could see some people being disappointed, but it will still be something to see,”…

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