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    “Canada” (including Niagara Falls)

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    At another store, I recently saw this book from 1978 called Canada which includes an introduction by Harry J Boyle (apparently he was a famous CBC broadcaster). The book has information about different parts of Canada and there was a section about Niagara Falls:

    Niagara Falls, where the mighty Niagara River plunges over the escarpment into a deep gorge, is one of the world’s most spectacular shows of natural beauty. The Canadian Horseshoe Falls measures 671 metres across and are an impressive 54 metres high. First described by a priest who travelled with La Salle, the Rev. Louis Hennepin, the falls have attracted honeymooners, stunt-men and tourists since the early 1800’s. The river also provides, at this point, much of the hydro-electric power for Ontario and New York.

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    This shot of the Falls is great, as the only building you see is the Tower Hotel. There were no other big buildings at all.

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    Honouring a pioneer

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    As a young boy, Nikola Tesla saw an image of the Horseshoe Falls in a travel book and told his uncle he wanted to put a wheel under the falls to harness the power of the moving water.

    A bronze statue of the brilliant inventor has stood guard at the same point where that photograph was taken since 2006.

    The monument shows Tesla in a long overcoat, carrying a top hat in his left hand. In his right hand, he’s carrying a cane, depicting the moment he conceived of alternating current by drawing diagrams on the ground.

    He’s standing atop an AC motor, one of the 300 inventions he patented.

    Tesla’s most outstanding feat was harnessing the power of Niagara Falls for long distance transmission of electricity.

    Falling for Niagara


    From Yahoo! Australia:

    With more than 2.2 million litres of water plunging over its edge each second, the sheer power of the Niagara Falls is humbling to behold. However, while I expected to be awed by such a tremendous force of nature, I was ill prepared for the full extent of its beauty. Clear and glacial green, the Niagara River falls in curtains to Whirlpool Bay. Its lace border of white, foamy spray, in juxtaposition to the massive falling river, is nature conforming to the aesthetic rules of feng shui. The delicacy of the foam is accentuated by the contrast to the thundering torrents beneath it.

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