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    Our family trip to Niagara Falls


    From News Day:

    Last summer, two of my friends and I visited Niagara Falls for a couple of days. Our families each rented a room at the Hilton. After we checked into our rooms, we walked over to the falls and took some pictures and videos. We went to the gift shop there for a while and looked at some cool baked goods and T-shirts. Once we left, we went back to the main area to wait for the lights inside of the falls to come on. When the lights finally came on, we all got very excited and took more pictures.

    Niagara Falls images from 2017 calendars

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    Earlier this week I was at the temporary Calendar Club store in the Pen Centre in St Catharines. I noticed several calendars that had pictures of Niagara Falls.

    Winter Festival of Lights “Make It Your Winter Tradition” booklet

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    I recently posted a few pictures along Queen Victoria Park from the Winter Festival of Lights. Last week we also drove through Dufferin Islands, but I didn’t take any pictures. I did however get a copy of the “Make It Your Winter Tradition” booklet. I’ve scanned it, and you can view it here if you are interested.

    Demolition update for the Comfort Inn Clifton Hill


    “The Comfort Inn Clifton Hill at the corner of Clifton Hill and Victoria Ave in Niagara Falls is being demolished. I took some pictures of the demolition. It is moving along with large gaps in the building now. From Victoria Avenue you can see Boston Pizza.

    These are pictures taken on Tuesday, November 17, 2015”

    From 20151117 Demolition of the Comfort Inn Clifton Hill, posted by Niagara Falls Blog on 11/18/2015 (13 items)

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    Niagara Falls images on Pinterest

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    Sometimes I’m a little slow…

    It wasn’t until just the other day that I considered what a great source for pictures of Niagara Falls that Pinterest could be. Somehow in one of my alert emails that I get, a pin by Susan Keltz showed up. It was a beautiful shot of the American Falls that was found on the Clifton Hill web site. I then just did a simple search for Niagara Falls, and saw all sorts of great pictures:


    Historic photos in Falls going digital

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    From the Buffalo News:

    Many of the Niagara Falls Public Library’s historical pictures of the city are falling apart.

    That’s to be expected – some are 150 years old.

    The roughly 10,000 historic photographs in the archives of the Local History Department are being given new life thanks to a new digitization project at the library by City Historian Christopher R. Stoianoff.

    “There’s a need for it, that’s the biggest thing,” Stoianoff said when asked how the effort began.

    The photographs, contained in a half-dozen filing cabinets, are the most heavily used and handled items in the Local History Department.

    It’s a preservation issue, both for the quality of the pieces – some of which are crumbling – as well as to prevent more photographs from “disappearing” from the library.

    The goal is to have all the images accessible online through the library’s website.

    Niagara Falls: Natural beauty and tourist nonsense through Glowrock’s Lens

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    A poster on the SkyscraperPage.com web site has posted a bunch of pictures from a recent visit. They look quite nice. The view from the new Hilton is beautiful.

    Clifton Hill – “The Most Fun by the Falls!”

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    A photographer with a Blogger blog posted about a recent trip to Niagara Falls:

    After shooting more pictures of both the American Falls and Horseshoes Falls then I would ever need but seemingly unable to stop taking “just one more” shot of the beautifully illuminated falls, I finally convinced myself that enough was enough and pointed my feet in the direction of Clifton Hill for the trek back up to my car which I had parked not too far from the base of Skylon Tower.

    He took some fantastic night pictures of Clifton Hill that you should check out.

    Video from the Winter Festival of Lights 2010-2011 Opening Ceremonies

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    Last week I posted some pictures from the CAA Winter Festival of Lights 2010-2011 Opening Ceremonies. I also took a very short video. You can see/hear a short clip from a couple of the performances. You can also get a sense of how big the crowd was. I would have taken a longer video and shown more, but I was holding my daughter and didn’t have a free hand 🙂

    You can watch the video below, or view it in HD on YouTube.

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