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    Monopoly snub unthinkable

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    Rich Uncle Pennybags can blow it out his top hat.

    He’s the cartoon-character mascot of the Monopoly board game. Despite his grandfatherly image – with that Wilford Brimley mustache, sophisticated walking stick and the same tuxedo he has been wearing for nearly a century – Pennybags just snubbed Niagara Falls in the most unthinkable way.

    Niagara Falls – probably one of the most identifiable Canadian icons – was left out of the newest Canadian version of the board game. Adding insult to injury, it got passed over in favour of oh-so-popular and ever-famous Canadian locales like Sarnia, Ont., and Saint-Jean-Sur-Richilieu, Que.

    Tourism minister needs a map to find Falls: Hudak

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    Ontario Conservative Leader Tim Hudak offered to pick up a map for Liberal Tourism Minister Michael Chan to help the government’s point man for the industry find his way to one of the province’s most popular destinations.

    “I just think it’s shocking someone who has the title Minister of Tourism has not bothered to visit Niagara Falls, particularly given the concerns that we have as we head into this tourism season,” Hudak said after meeting local industry representatives Wednesday in Niagara Falls.

    Convention Center expansion, complete article

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    From the Nashville Business Journal

    Graham had posted about this on Tuesday, unfortunately you have to subscribe to Buffalo Business First to have read the entire article. I just happened to be looking for something related, and came across the same article in its entirety at the Nashville Business Journal. Since Graham already posted the lead parts of the article, I will just add the link above.

    Image of closed Outback restaurant

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    I have tried a lot of restaurants in my life, but sad to say I never got a chance to try an Outback. However I am not surprised to see these kind of places closing up with that kind of debt load. I actually took this picture last night and was going to post about it this morning, but  it was in  today’s paper before I got a chance to… Anyways here it is in living color.

    Outback Steakhouse

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