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    Festival moves to world stage

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    As the Winter Festival of Lights prepares for its 35th anniversary, organizers envision a future where the seasonal attraction rivals other world-class showcases.

    “It is extremely important to continue to grow as a festival, so that we can keep people coming to the destination and staying longer,” said Tina Myers, executive director of the Ontario Power Generation Winter Festival of Lights.

    “We want to make Niagara Falls a four-season destination. The Winter Festival of Lights has always been a huge contributor to bringing people in the off-season, but we want to take it to that next level. We want to make it like the Vivid Sydneys of the world, or the Montreal Lumiere festival, or the Calgary Stampede, where we’re bringing in millions (of people) a week, as opposed to a million over the course of 75 days.”

    The mall with it all in Canada

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    This is an article from a site in Australia about the West Edmonton Mall. I know it isn’t Niagara Falls-related, but I just had to share the opening paragraph:

    Vancouver has its picturesque bays, Montreal its French flair and Toronto is home to wondrous Niagara Falls. Mention Edmonton and the thing that usually pops to mind is West Edmonton Mall.

    You learn something new everyday… I didn’t know that Toronto was home to Niagara Falls 🙂

    Festival is a laughing matter

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    Bigger festival = bigger laughs.

    After two years as a single night event, the Niagara Falls Comedy Fest has supersized itself for its return in February. With a roster of nearly 20 comics, the event has gone back to its roots to become a three-day affair. And it will be stacked with some of Canada’s most established comedians.

    Avoiding the “pretense” of big comedy festivals in Toronto and Montreal was key, says organizer Mark Matthews. The veteran Niagara Falls comic wants it to be three nights of accessible comedy, with many of the same performers you’d see in bigger festivals.

    “Montreal is unobtainable for the average person to go and sit and watch a show,” he says.

    Open call to the road: Niagara Falls. << Travel Along The Way

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    Someone with a WordPress blog has posted about a recent trip to Niagara Falls:

    So what’s a better way to cheer myself up and get out of the country? Another trip. Money is tight and so is time. I start school again in less then 3 weeks. When I was deciding where to go Toronto was currently on a civic strike with no trash pick up, so that eliminated Toronto. A trip home to Montreal, or Buffalo, Chicago, Hong Kong and Thailand all prove to be too expensive. So I eventually decide on Niagara Falls. Close by, cheap, and able to leave the country.

    “You’ve been all the way to Cuba, but you’ve never been to the falls?” My friend’s boyfriend laughed, last night at our friends’ Sarah and Steve’s buck and doe. I’ve been to the falls before. Several times actually. However the last time I was standing in the middle of some park freezing to death listening to Jeff Healy (sp) worrying if what they said will happen at Y2K will actually happen. It didn’t. So almost 10 years has passed since I’ve been.

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