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    It’s a strange way to observe ‘Family Day’

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    From the Niagara Gazette:

    If you were driving anywhere near the border Monday, there’s a chance you observed the traffic lines waiting to cross the international bridges.

    It was, of course , the day for U.S. residents to honor their presidents.

    Meanwhile, in Ontario, it was a holiday called Family Day.

    Canadians seem to have a problem with how to spend their day while Americans can’t agree on how to spell it.

    Supposedly the Ontario holiday was designed for families to spend more time together, either at the Fashions Outlets, Military Road, Town of Niagara, or perhaps sitting in the car for more than an hour to pass through customs.

    Phil’s Blog: The Hotels I stayed in Page III

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    Someone with a Blogger blog has posted about some hotels he’s stayed in, including several in Niagara Falls:

    In 1994, my Grandfather decided to stay on the Canadian Side for a weekend excursion the the USA because of the Canadian Dollare was falling. There are two Days inn hotels in Niagara Falls, This hotel is located on Victoria Ave. The hotel room was across the hall from the elevator and it featured floor to ceiling windows. During this trip I went to Smokin Joes to get gas, and shopping on Military Road.

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