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    1973 tourism map of Niagara Falls

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    Here is another neat map that I took a picture of a while ago. I love seeing these old maps so you can see how things have changed. The copyright on the map is from 1973, so it was from before I was born!

    You see references to the Niagara Aerocar, Marineland and Game Farm, the old Movieland location, the old Falls Tower Ride, the old Fallsway Motel (became the Comfort Inn Clifton Hill), the marine aquarium, waltzing waters, the daredevil gallery (where did that used to be?), the Niagara Falls Museum (now Bird Kingdom), the Houdini Magical Hall of Fame (now Ripley’s Moving Theatre, the old Tussaud’s location, the old Oneida Tower (now showing a Casino Niagara sign), Wonderful World of Fantasy (never heard of it), the Royal Tower (was also the Minolta Tower, and now is the Tower Hotel) and more.









    The Circus “NO SPIN ZONE”: Vintage Marineland and Game Farm


    Someone with a Blogger blog has posted about some early memories of Marineland (including a couple of pictures):

    …in my opinion John Holer has made two horrendous mistakes in building his empire and getting rich. Above is the Marineland stadium in the late 70’s when it was known as the Wade Burck Stadium. Below is the same stadium in 2008, only the name has been changed to the King Waldorf Stadium, because of some goofy “fish” with tusks. Big, big blunder and I’ll tell you why. …

    Clock ticking on trailer park

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    …In February of last year, nearly 50 individuals and families received a letter from Marineland and Game Farm, the owner of the property, advising them the trailer park was being closed and the landlord was converting it to other purposes.

    That news came as a shock to many tenants because it would be impossible to move some of the trailers. Some had additions put on over the years, while others were too old to move.

    Marineland offered tenants $3,000 compensation if they removed their trailers from the property. Tenants argued that wasn’t very much considering it costs $10,000 or more to move a trailer to another site…

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