Getting ready to party on New Year’s Eve

From the Niagara Falls Review: When something works, the Niagara Parks Police like to stick with it. Even though Ontario’s liquor laws were loosened up a bit this past summer, those wishing to have a few drinks at the New Year’s Eve party in Queen Victoria Park will have to remain inside a designated area…

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Ontario to loosen liquor laws

This isn’t directly Niagara Falls-related, but it will affect some different festivals that are held here, especially the big New Year’s Eve party. From the Niagara Falls Review: A beer outside a designated beer tent? An extra hour of drinking at a wedding reception? These new freedoms are just around the corner. Ontario has changed…

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Tourism operators applaud loosening liquor laws

From the Niagara Falls Review: Beer and wine drinkers might soon be able to walk among the teetotallers now that Ontario’s Liberals plan to loosen the province’s liquor laws. It’s a move some Niagara Falls tourism operators say will help the industry. Attorney General Chris Bentley announced plans to overhaul the rules preventing Ontario resorts…

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