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    Sleep Cheap Charities reap true to its name


    From Niagara This Week:

    True to the name, charities did reap from an annual fundraiser that allows Niagara residents to take advantage of cut rate hotel rooms in Niagara Falls.

    Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati was busy Tuesday, handing out cheques to 18 different organizations who all shared in the $131,075 raised by 2013’s 10th annual Sleep Cheap Charities Reap event, which took place from Nov. 10 to 14. In total, 23 Niagara Inns and Hotels took part. In addition several attraction including the Skylon Tower, Bird Kingdom and Greg Frewin Theatre also took part, offering discounts on admission.

    More than 1,000 rooms still available for Sleep Cheap

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    It’s not too late to Sleep Cheap.

    Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati said there are still more than 1,000 hotel rooms available from Monday until Thursday for Niagara residents looking to take a miniature vacation in their own backyard at a discounted price.

    “If you’re looking to score some brownie points with the better half, there’s no better way,” said Diodati, mentioning rooms range from $35 to $85 if you want access to a waterpark.

    Hotelier hopes to bring Comfort Inn to 6115 NIagara Falls Blvd

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    From the Niagara Gazette:

    Niagara Gazette — Niagara Falls may have another 100 hotel rooms soon.

    The Niagara County Industrial Development Agency expects to receive an application for assistance for consideration from hotelier Ali Rizek, who intends to build a Comfort Inn on an empty lot at 6115 Niagara Falls Blvd. at their monthly meeting this morning.

    The Rizek family owns the Econoldge next door and has been in the hotel business for more than 30 years, according to a press release from the agency.

    Daredevil’s wire-walk destiny set June 15

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    From the Buffalo News:

    American tourism officials had hoped for a later date — possibly in September — for Nik Wallenda to perform his tightrope walk over Niagara Falls.

    But they’re more than happy with the date government officials on both sides of the international border and the daredevil artist have agreed upon — June 15.

    Officials on the U.S. side had hoped for a date after Labor Day because they wanted more time to plan, and because the 2,000 downtown hotel rooms are typically booked through the summer tourist season without such a big event.

    Canadian officials preferred a June date because it would kick off their already-bustling summer tourist season. Roughly 16,000 hotel rooms will be available in Niagara Falls, Ont., with 10,000 located directly around the falls.

    With the date now set, the ultimate goal is to draw visitors to the two cities and send them home with a desire to return, tourism officials on both sides said.

    Sleep Cheap bookings open Monday

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    The Niagara Falls Review still doesn’t have their articles up yet (I’m sure they will shortly), but the St Catharines Standard has one:

    The dates are now official: Circle Nov. 15 to 18 on the calendar to Sleep Cheap.

    But act quickly to reserve a room because the hotels participating in this year’s Sleep Cheap Charities Reap event fill up quickly.

    Hotel rooms will become available for booking starting at 7 a.m. Monday.

    “We have a real nice collective mix of properties scattered throughout the city,” said Jim Diodati, the Niagara Falls councillor and mayoral candidate who came up with the idea six years ago and has watched it grow into a huge success.

    Over the past five years, Sleep Cheap has raised more than $700,000 for Niagara charities, without any expenses coming out of the event. “We have 28 properties. That includes all the major hotels and all three of the water parks, which is key, especially for the families,” said Diodati.

    One new thing this year is that half of the proceeds will go to a charity determined by the individual hotel, and the other half goes to the Sleep Cheap committee to divide among charities that apply for funding. I like that idea.

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