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    Qila Restaurant torn down

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    The other day I noticed that the Qila Restaurant at the corner of Victoria Ave and Magdalen St was torn down. I don’t know why, and I don’t recall seeing any signs. Just one day I noticed it was gone.

    The first image shows what it looked like (a screenshot from Google Maps). The other two are pictures of what the lot is now. It has been turned into a parking lot.

    Closest Hotel To Niagara Falls Offers Unrivaled Views Year-Round

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    From a Marketwired press release seen on Yahoo! Finance:

    Canada’s most striking and legendary natural wonder, Niagara Falls, attracts tourists and adventurers from all over the globe. The Niagara Falls Marriott on the Falls has the distinction of being the closest hotel to this timeless natural attraction. Read More…

    Google Maps offers dry tour of Niagara Falls, safe view of Buffalo Jump


    From Global News:

    Have you ever wanted to experience the Maid of the Mist tour of Niagara Falls without being dampened–sometimes drenched–by actual mist?

    How about the Calgary Zoo without the line-ups or odorous animals?

    Google Maps unveiled virtual visits of more than 50 new Canadian destinations in its Street View feature Tuesday.

    It looks pretty cool!

    Happy Wanderer for sale


    I noticed this yesterday when I was out. The Happy Wanderer, a German-themed restaurant on Stanley Avenue is for sale. This could have been for sale for a while, I don’t know. My best guess is it was back in June or July, based on the dates on recent reviews.

    I’ve never been, but the reviews I’ve read online were always very complimentary. It appears to be closed. A reviewer on Google Maps said that they were “closed by receivers”, as does the sign (“court appointed receiver”).


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