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    Colors of South African flag to be projected on cataracts in honor of Mandela

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    I know this is old news, but it was nice that they did this to honour Mandela.

    From the Buffalo News:

    Floodlights will project the colors of the South African flag on Niagara Falls Sunday evening in memory of South African leader Nelson Mandela, who will be laid to rest in an official state funeral earlier that day.

    Niagara Falls, CN Tower to be lit purple for World Prematurity Day

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    From CityNews.ca:

    Niagara Falls and the CN Tower will be bathed in purple light on Sunday evening in a global effort to raise awareness of preterm birth.

    Sunday is World Prematurity Day and hospitals, parliament houses, bridges and skyscrapers, including the Empire State Building, are taking part.

    Clifton Hill – “The Most Fun by the Falls!”

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    A photographer with a Blogger blog posted about a recent trip to Niagara Falls:

    After shooting more pictures of both the American Falls and Horseshoes Falls then I would ever need but seemingly unable to stop taking “just one more” shot of the beautifully illuminated falls, I finally convinced myself that enough was enough and pointed my feet in the direction of Clifton Hill for the trek back up to my car which I had parked not too far from the base of Skylon Tower.

    He took some fantastic night pictures of Clifton Hill that you should check out.

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