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    Cataract City review – a Canadian tale of desperate lives

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    From The Guardian:

    Canadian writer Craig Davidson is best known for his short-story collection Rust and Bone, which inspired the 2012 film. The inhabitants of his second novel live within earshot of Niagara Falls: a constant roar defines and, in a sense, sustains them. Their lives are hard. They have raw, uneuphonious names. They start out with ambitions and end up working in the biscuit factory. As a result, they never forget someone else’s aspiration fulfilled, which they receive as a slight; and they never let you get away with it. Cataract City narrates itself through the pursuits that entertain them on a Saturday night: wrestling, boxing, dog fights and demolition derbies, all those sweaty, noisy, violent pastimes that exploit, along with animals and human beings, the narratives of luck and skill, of cheating and fairness, of give and take – but mostly take.

    Author Craig Davidson gets gritty again, this time with novel ‘Cataract City’

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    From Yahoo! Canada News:

    When Toronto-based author Craig Davidson showed up for a recent interview with a mild shiner and stitches above his left eyebrow, it seemed a more fitting than frightening sight.

    After all, the 37-year-old is known for writing about brutal bouts in books, including the short story collection “Rust and Bone,” which was made into a 2012 Golden Globe-nominated film starring Oscar winner Marion Cotillard, and the novel “The Fighter,” for which he took steroids as part of his research and participated in a promotional boxing match.

    With his new novel, “Cataract City,” he cast his imagination to the blood and gore of underground fighting once again as he wrote a compelling and witty coming-of-age tale of two friends who get caught up in the seedy underbelly of Niagara Falls, Ont.

    It’d be interesting to read the book and see how Niagara Falls is presented.

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