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    Tweet revenge: Demers says Marineland called cops over Twitter post

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    From Niagara This Week:

    Marineland and animal rights activist Phil Demers have been talking at each other, through their lawyers, for the past six years.

    But it took just six words to bring the police to his door this week, Demers says: “Life is short, steal a walrus.”

    He put out the six-word Twitter post Tuesday evening and by noon the next day Niagara Regional Police officers were at his home in Chippawa.

    The history of Chippawa

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    History came alive Sunday as Sherman Zavitz, the city’s official historian, hosted a walking tour of Chippawa.

    Before a crowd of 80 people, Zavitz said the area was first mentioned 339 years ago, even before there was a town.

    On Dec. 7, 1678, Louis Hennepin, a missionary and explorer, became the first European to view the mighty Niagara Falls.

    “He was awed by the spectacle,” Zavitz said. “He later wrote in his diary the falls were a vast and prodigious cadence of water falling down in an astonishing manner.”

    That night, Hennepin and his company set up camp alongside the Welland River, in an area now known as Kingsbridge Park.

    The walking tour focused on the history of the area on both sides of the river, commonly referred to as Chippawa Creek.

    Niagara Parks issues RFP for development of Queen Victoria Park concept master plan

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    The Niagara Parks Commission has issued a formal Request for Proposals to the planning, architectural and landscape architectural consultant community to help develop a renewed master plan that will become the provincial agency’s blueprint for the future.

    The purpose of the master plan is to guide continued development, programming and management of Niagara Parks lands within the Queen Victoria Park area while also protecting and preserving the natural and historic features within the area, said Janice Thomson, chairwoman of the Niagara Parks Commission.

    Under the RFP, the Queen Victoria Park area is defined as Niagara Parks lands between the Rainbow Bridge and Kingsbridge Park in Chippawa.

    What would a hotel tax in Niagara Falls mean for the DMF?

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    From Niagara This Week:

    More information on a measure that would allow municipalities to institute a hotel room tax is needed before what that may mean for Niagara Falls can be determined, says Mayor Jim Diodati.

    “I’d be very interested to learn more,” Diodati said Friday morning while attending a tree planting at Lions Park in Chippawa. “Then we can bring it before council, we can consult with the industry.”

    Taxes collected under the scheme would be used to fund tourist organizations.

    Currently, hotels and restaurants charge a destination marketing fee — or DMF for short. The fee is known by many names, including the tourism improvement fee. The province first allowed the practice in 2004 and said the fee is voluntary, and still is.

    The fee has been the subject of two investigations by the CBC public affairs show Marketplace, which revealed some hotels and restaurants are telling customers the fee is mandatory.

    Busy holiday weekend in Niagara Falls

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    This St Catharines Standard article is about the holiday weekend in May. Based on my observations from Wednesday, July 1 (Canada Day), it should have been another successful day for the tourism industry.

    The tourists are back in town.

    Many visitors took advantage of the great weather during the Victoria Day holiday weekend to have a picnic, barbecue or just catch a bit of sunshine along the parkway, at Dufferin Islands or at Kingsbridge Park in Chippawa.

    At peak hours during the day, parking spaces were hard to find, and Niagara Parks Police were kept busy directing traffic and keeping vehicles moving, especially in the area across from the falls, where drivers are frequently stopping to drop off or pick up passengers.

    Another new blogger – Introduction from Lisa

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    Hello folks, My name is Lisa and I am from Rochester NY I have been traveling to and from Niagara Falls since I was little. The Hotel we have stayed in the most was – Fallsway Motor Hotel which of course became the Quality Inn Clifton Hill, which than made way for the Niagara Skywheel. I have visited many hotels in all different parts of Niagara Falls and I believe I have eaten at most of the restaurants in the area.

    I can remember going to Maple Leaf Village eating either in the Food Court or at the Suisha Gardens Restaurant and being mesmerize by the Chefs preparing the food with knives, flames and talent.

    After being scared out of our wits going to Nightmares and watching my friends little kids actually have them. Who can than forget the memories made going to the Amusement park behind playing a few games and riding the rides? I can remember when the Skylon Tower was the place to be and the lines to get up and down were ridiculous. A few years back they had a card you could buy for the year $20.00 for unlimited rides but they quickly got rid of that.

    I can remember when there really was not a Fallsview district. Boy, it seems all those beautiful hotels came up rather quickly.

    People Movers transit, I can remember at one time had a connection with vans and the Combo pass included the historical places down Niagara Parkway.

    I have many memories and traditions I cherish and there are some I wish I could have back. The best memories were those of my sister and me taking my mom out for vacation. Mom passed 7/2011 so those memories are gone. Nothing was like going to Betty’s with her in Chippawa having the best home cooked meal. (Except for hers.)

    There are new buildings and new attractions; we have enjoyed staying at, eating at and trying out. Who has not tried getting a wax hand? What a pain in the neck. Trying on those weird hats on Clifton Hill. Going up the Falls Tower imagine that was the first and best view of the falls close up other than staying on the big hotels on Falls Avenue. Remember not long ago going to Canada and getting 56% exchange rate.

    Well those are just some of my memories and I hope to share more with you as time goes by.

    Like I said have gone to Niagara Falls with several different family members, friends etc. I have gone in the Hot Hot Sunny weather to the frigid Canada Winter. I like to venture out to Niagara on the Lake, St. Catharines, Fort Erie, Toronto, Chippawa, and Hamilton as well. I would not mind visiting London as well.

    I am being given the opportunity to help Graham with the website in any way I hope I can. Graham has had this website for as long as I can remember. How many years has it been? I appreciate what Graham has done with this site and hope to help keep it as interesting and vital for people who visit as many times as they do. There is so much I have learned from this site that it has saved and made prior trips. Graham has really made a nice time capsule for future generations to learn just what Niagara was at one time and the growth it has experience as time has gone on.

    I usually make it to the Falls at least 6 times a year. We have gone just for the day and have stayed as long as 2 weeks. I have learned to stay at different hotels, eat at as many places as I can and experience as many things as time allows.

    I hope I can contribute to this site so it makes things a little easier on Graham and it allows him to have a life away from this site. There are a few people who have also volunteered and I know you will learn a lot from their experiences as well as I have learned just reading their posts.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

    There’s an absence of Avatar at our Imax

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    This Niagara Falls Review article isn’t directly tourism-related, but it does involve the local IMAX theatre, so I figured I’d include it. Also, I’ve seen Avatar twice, and I’d love to see it in IMAX 3D 🙂

    Still holding out hope to see Avatar at the Niagara Falls Imax? You might be waiting awhile.

    Despite the film’s massive success -and the fact director James Cameron is from Chippawa – Niagara’s only Imax facility won’t be screening the blockbuster soon, if ever.

    The venue’s projectors can only screen films 50 minutes or shorter, says Clayton Doner, operations manager for Imax Theatre Niagara Falls on Fallsview Boulevard.

    The cost to purchase an Imax projector to show Cameron’s three-hour epic is upwards of $1 million.

    “There’s no chance at all,” says Doner.

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