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    Best of Access Niagara – My visits to Canyon Creek Chophouse


    This is a continuation of my “Best of Access Niagara” series. This series looks back on popular posts, highly commented posts, my favourite places, etc.

    It looks like my first mention of Canyon Creek Chophouse was in April 2007 as a result of a newsletter from the city talking about how they had opened. To tell you the truth, I had never set foot in either Casino before, and had no idea there was a big shopping area inside the Fallsview Casino. I had heard about the buffet, but I assumed everything was connected to the gaming floor somehow.

    Anyway, at some point I was contacted by someone who worked there and they offered me a complimentary meal in exchange for writing about the restaurant. I took my family there (5 of us) and had an amazing dinner. It was so good, that my wife and I continued to go for many years (and we paid our own way!). Whenever someone would ask me about a good restaurant in the area, I would always tell them about Canyon Creek Chophouse.

    The restaurant is situated right up against the windows on the back side of the Fallsview Casino building, so you get a great view of the Falls.

    The menu has changed quite a bit. We went a year or two ago, and they didn’t have the same items, and we were both really disappointed. We tried a couple of other things, and just didn’t care for them. I’m sure it is still a popular restaurant, but it’s not really one that we’ll go back to again.

    Here is a post I put up about an anniversary dinner I had there with my wife.

    My anniversary dinner at Canyon Creek Chophouse

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    Dinner at Sparks Steakhouse – Part 2

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    If you haven’t read it yet, be sure to check out the Dinner at Sparks Steakhouse – Part 1 posting…

    As I mentioned, a couple of weeks ago my wife and I went to Sparks Steakhouse for dinner. We were expecting to go in, order a couple of meals, and then be done. To our surprise, we were given the opportunity to try many items on the menu, and were thoroughly impressed

    Note: The meal was courtesy of Sparks Steakhouse. I hope that you accept my comments here honest, and not just because they offered me a complimentary meal. The food truly was amazing, and the service was exceptional.

    You can see the Sparks Steakhouse menu on their web site.

    MEDITERRANEAN BRUSCHETTAWhen we first sat down, we were given a bread basket and small plate with olive oil and seasoning that you could put on the bread. It was very good. They then brought us some Mediterranean Bruschetta. My wife and I are not big tomato eaters, so we did take a few of the tomatoes off. It is made with naan bread, and has a Mediterranean sauce drizzled over it. It was delicious.

    We then had a plate that had a sampling of Nova Scotia Lobster Cakes, Calamari Fritti, and Garlic Shrimp. They were all tasty, but I was most impressed with the shrimp. It truly was “jumbo” with the meaty part of the shrimp being as thick as my thumb. If you like shrimp, these would definitely be for you.

    Then came the Onion Soup. Our server made sure to emphasize that the broth is all homemade. The cheese on top was perfect, and the soup was great.

    Our sampling of the various entrées included Stuffed Chicken, Filet Mignon, and New York Classic (steak). We love chicken dishes, and thought the Stuffed Chicken was truly amazing. The chicken was moist and the stuffing of spinach, peppers, and goat cheese added the perfect flavouring. I love a good piece of beef and these did not disappoint. The Filet Mignon almost melted in your mouth, and the New York Classic was as good a piece of steak I’ve ever had. These came with some yummy mashed potatoes and candied squash. As you can see by the menu online, these entrées can be pricey, but they really are delicious. If you have a child with you, they eat free with any of these entrées, so you can save a bit of money there.

    We don’t drink alcohol, so I can’t comment on their wine/spirits selection. We did have a virgin raspberry daiquiri, which was great. We had water with our meal, which was served in a glass bottle with a snap lid (it looked very nice). We also had a bottle of S Pellegrino sparkling water.

    Throughout the meal, our server Walter kept coming by to make sure everything was fine, and to answer any questions. He was very knowledgeable about the food and we were quite happy to have him as the server for the evening.

    Finally, to top it all off, we shared an Apple Blossom for dessert.

    I am not a professional food critic, so I don’t always have the right words to describe what I’m tasting and feeling. All I can say is that we left Sparks Steakhouse that night, having just enjoyed the best restaurant meal we’ve ever had. If you like good food, and don’t mind paying a premium for it, then you should definitely check it out.


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