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    Celebrity Wax Figures

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    I know this isn’t directly Niagara Falls related, but I guess there was some talk recently about a Beyonce wax figure that didn’t look much like her. E News has a page on their website that shows some pictures of celebrities with their wax figures, and this made me think about Movieland Wax Museum of Stars as well as Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks.

    Check out the page to see how the figures compare…

    Maid of the Mist to launch for 129th consecutive season on May 10th

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    From a CNW Group press release seen on Yahoo! Finance:

    Celebrities, world leaders and tourists from Canada and around the world will once again have a chance to ride the iconic Maid of the Mist when the boats are launched in Niagara Falls, N.Y., beginning Saturday, May 10, at 10 a.m. The Maid’s 2014 season marks the 129th consecutive year for one of North America’s longest running tourist attractions, and one that has long been considered a “must do” for Niagara Falls visitors from around the world.

    “For 129 years, the Maid of the Mist has been on the bucket-list of the world’s most famous, and not so famous visitors to Niagara Falls, and 2014 continues this genuine tradition,” said Christopher Glynn, president of the Maid of the Mist.

    All mothers will ride free on Mother’s Day, in honor of the 80th birthday of James Glynn, Chairman of the Maid of the Mist Corp. 2014 also marks James Glynn’s 64th consecutive season with the Maid of the Mist.

    An Annie Leibovitz Exhibit With Shots of Niagara Falls, Not Demi Moore

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    Famed photographer Annie Leibovitz has a new book out with photos of scenery rather than celebrities. I haven’t seen the book, but an article in The Atlantic says that the cover of the book has Niagara Falls on it.

    Stopping in front the book’s cover image—a breathtaking vision of Niagara Falls—she explained that this was the picture that led to all the rest. She took in the view on a trip with her children, and watched them stare out at the water, mesmerized. “I stood behind them, they were actually in front of me, and I took this picture. It’s a photograph that anyone can take. It’s an American snapshot,” she said. “Actually, we were in Canada. A Canadian snapshot.”

    Planet Hollywood leaflet

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    The arrival of Casino Niagara brought a lot of bigger name restaurants to the Niagara area. Planet Hollywood was one of the first. They have a large building, with handprints out front of numerous celebrities, and the usual entertainment memorabilia inside. I’ve only eaten there once (had a burger), and I looked around almost the entire time. There is a lot to see!

    I’ve scanned their promotional leaflet and included the text below:

    Front of leaflet:

    Planet Hollywood
    Niagara Falls
    Eat, Drink and Feel famous

    Falls Avenue
    Next to The Hershey Store

    Back of leaflet:

    Planet Hollywood
    Niagara Falls

    Inspired by film and television, Planet Hollywood is full of excitement and glamour. With rare memorabilia and superb, freshly prepared cuisine…
    there’s no place like Planet Hollywood.

    From the Rainbow Bridge:
    Take the frist right immediately after Canadian Customs. Turn left on Hiram, and left again on Ontario.
    From the QEW/Hwy 420:
    Toward the Rainbow Bridge and ‘the Falls’ to Falls Avenue.

    Also visit
    Planet Hollywood Toronto
    227 Front Street West (416) 596-7827

    Front of coupon:

    Preset this coupon and receive a

    Back of coupon:

    Planet Hollywood
    On Falls Avenue
    With merchandise purchase of $40 or more. One coupon per customer.

    PDF IconI have also created a PDF file of the leaflet if you’d like to download it and see it in full size/colour. You can download it here:
    Planet Hollywood leaflet

    The back of the previous leaflet is exactly the same. The front has changed slightly. There used to be a big picture of N’Sync and Britney Spears. The newer leaflet has a picture of Sylvester Stalone, Jackie Chan, and 2 kids eating. In 2003 it said that it was next to Casino Niagara. The 2005 leaflet says it is next to the Hershey Store. You can see the older leaflet here.

    You can see pictures of Planet Hollywood Niagara Falls in the AccessNiagara Planet Hollywood Niagara Falls Gallery (remember, the pictures never look as good as the real thing).

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