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    I see a light at the end of this busy tunnel!

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    It seems like every few months I’m posting something again about how I really hope to get back to blogging more. Well, here I go again.

    I really hope to get back to blogging more 🙂

    Work has been very busy and my personal life has been equally busy. I just haven’t made the time to keep up on things. However, I am optimistic that I can turn that around.

    Stay tuned…

    No, I’m not gone… I’m still here

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    I’m terribly sorry for the lack of blog posts over the last couple of months. Nothing inparticular has happened, I’ve just been busy and haven’t made the time to keep the site up-to-date. However as you may have noticed from some of my tweeting last week, I’m ready to get back into the swing of things. Spring will soon be here and things are slowly starting to rev up in the Falls, and I’ll still be blogging/posting about it.

    If you’ve emailed me and I haven’t replied, I will soon.

    Blogging to rescue Falls from its declineF

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    From the Buffalo News:

    Over the years, Daniel Davis grew increasingly disturbed and perplexed by the cycle of failed and displaced development initiatives, the flight of industry and the overall economic malaise that inevitably brought his hometown, brimming with so much potential, to its knees.

    But family and career responsibilities left him no time for civic involvement.

    “I worked and raised a family, like everybody else,” he said. “I really didn’t have time.”

    That was until he retired. With his free time and the city’s persistent decline, Davis, now 67, took his gripes and potential solutions— targeting mainly the Robert Moses Parkway and the drab and listless downtown —to the Web.

    First, he created a Yahoo Groups page, “Niagara Causes,” but it attracted only four members, so then in 2009 he started a blog called the “Niagara Community Forum,” at niagaraforum. blogspot.com, a more comprehensive and successful effort, with about 14,000 visitors since last April.

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