The Falls in the Fall

My Mom and Dad were in Niagara this week and out of sheer jealousy I was inspired to write about my favorite time of year in my favorite place.  Er…favourite. The crowds are down and so is the temperature. The sky seems bluer and the trees make everything that much prettier. Walking through Victoria Park…

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Nice photos of Niagara Falls in Autumn 2010

Yesterday I walked along the Niagara Parkway next to the Falls and in Queen Victoria Park. I took a bunch of pictures. It was overcast, so the sky doesn’t look great, but the colours of the leaves look good. I should have probably taken these a couple of weeks ago to get some more leaves…

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Niagara Events Celebrate Fall in the Falls with Upcoming Marathon, Fall Foliage, & More

From a press release seen at Hospitality NET: Several very popular Niagara events happen this unexpected time of year from the Niagara Falls International Marathon to spectacular leaf peeping in the surrounding areas and Door Open Niagara, a tour of historical and architecturally significant attractions. Fall in Niagara Falls brings a slower pace, cooler air,…

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