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    Falls Comic Con draws big crowds

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    From Niagara This Week:

    Appearing at Niagara Falls Comic Con was like coming home for Lance Henriksen.

    The American actor, best known as the android Bishop in two films in the Alien franchise and the cult classics Pumpkinhead and Near Dark, recently spent several months in Toronto filming a movie and was eager to return north of the border.

    He was also pleased the comic con was held in June as opposed to the dead of winter.

    Alien Orbs Reported Over Niagara Falls, Ontario

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    Occasionally I come across an article that I just have to share…

    Did you know that there were alien orbs floating over Niagara Falls recently? 🙂

    From The Canadian – Agora Cosmopolitan:

    On 12 April 2016, UFO specialised website MUFON.com received an anonymous report on the sighting of “three orbs” hovering above the Niagara Falls. “I came out of work and I was walking to drop off my cash”, the unnamed observer related. “Then I looked up and saw that there were three orbs over the falls hovering”, he reported.

    He also said that these orbs were of “a glowing yellowish orange colour”. He watched the lights for “about 5 minutes”.

    Sign in Thirftlodge parking lot

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    This isn’t anything terrbily exciting, but I liked it, so I figured I’d share it.

    The other day I was walking through the Thriftlodge at the Falls parking lot (on CLifton Hill) and saw this little green glow-in-the-dark (I assume it is) sign. I guess seeing a little alien would make you slow down 🙂

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