Niagara Falls Weather

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    If you are looking for weather forecasts for Niagara Falls, then try one of the following sites:
    Niagara Falls, ON – Environment Canada
    Niagara Falls, ON – The Weather Network
    Niagara Falls, NY – Weather Underground
    Niagara Falls, NY – Weather Central

    Welcome to Niagara Falls Blog


    Blogging seems to be so huge right now, but when I did a search for Niagara Falls blogs there was nothing. So I’m either blind, or this is the first Niagara Falls blog. I’d rather take the credit for coming up with the first Niagara Falls blog than admit I’m blind, so I’ve appropriately named the blog “Niagara Falls Blog”.

    As I mention in the description, I work in Niagara Falls, and each day go for a lengthy walk at lunch. I see construction, new attractions, the weather, etc. I’ll blog about what I see going on along with any other general observations and interesting facts I can come up with.

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