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Rainbows at night

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From the Niagara Falls Review:

Many a tourist has returned from a trip to Niagara Falls with photographs of rainbows above the mighty cataracts.

The Horseshoe and American falls are great locations for rainbows. When the sunshine reflects off the mist, it results in stunning hues of red, orange, green, blue and violet.

What many visitors don’t realize, however, is that Niagara Falls is also one of the few places in the world to view night rainbows, or lunar bows.

Those are formed when rays of light from a full moon bounce off water droplets in the air.

According to the Niagara Parks Commission, lunar bows -also known as moon bows -were a regular occurrence the 1800s and early 1900s.

NCCC article in Business Niagara

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Business Niagara magazine has a nice article in the October/November 2009 issue about the Niagara Convention and Civic Centre and Kerry Painter, the president and general manager.

PDF IconI can’t find the article online, so I have created a PDF file of the article if you’d like to download and read it. You can download it here:
Business Niagara – If you build it, they will come

City blossoms in contest that promotes beautification

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From the Niagara Falls Review:

Niagara Falls is blooming brilliant!

That’s the consensus from a group of judges who toured the city during the summer as part of the Communities in Bloom contest.

Recently, judges awarded Niagara Falls five blooms in the annual competition, the highest rating available.

This was the city’s first entry into the program that’s designed to foster civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community participation and the challenge of friendly competition.

Led by the city’s Park in the City committee, Niagara Falls competed in the 50,001 to 100,000 population category.

Judges toured the city for two days in July and gave marks for criteria including tidiness, landscaped areas, turf and ground covers, and community involvement.

The city received a total of 822 marks out of a possible 1,000, an 82 per cent rating.

“I am so proud of our city,” said Mayor Ted Salci. “Our residents, our BIAs and volunteers all did exceptional work, and our city has never looked as good as it has this past summer.”

Falls about to go pink

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From the Niagara Falls Review:

Estee Lauder will celebrate its 10th annual Global Landmark Illumination initiative this Friday, by illuminating the world-famous Niagara Falls in Pink lights.

Following the illumination ceremony at 7 p.m., there will be a pink fireworks display as a tribute to families who have been affected by breast cancer.

GO Transit experiment exceeds expectations

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From the Niagara Falls Review:

More than 43,000 passengers used GO Transit’s “excursion train” to travel between Niagara Falls and Toronto, according to figures released by the provincial transit agency. The summer weekend and holiday service ended on the Thanksgiving holiday Monday, considered the end of the traditional tourism season. There were 833 passengers on Saturday, the start of the three-day weekend. On Sunday, there were 588 and 658 on Thanksgiving.

In total, 43,646 people used the Niagara-Toronto GO train on 36 service days between June 27 and Oct. 12. It means the average number of passengers per day was 1,212.

See Niagara Falls like a Canadian

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From the Fairfax New Zealand Sun-Herald:

You’d expect a country whose exports include comedians Jim Carrey, Mike “Austin Powers” Myers and Leslie Nielsen (of Flying High and Naked Gun fame) to have a unique take on a world-famous tourist attraction.

Canada actually goes beyond the call of duty to exceed those expectations. Ever since 63-year-old American schoolteacher Annie Taylor became the first person to ride a barrel over Niagara Falls in October 1901 – accompanied by an anvil (for ballast) and her cat (for company?) – this natural wonder has had an offbeat side. You don’t even have to step off the tourist-beaten path to find unusual offerings in Ontario’s Niagara region – most of them are right there in the brochure.

Sleep Cheap Charities Reap branching out

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From the Niagara Falls Review:

It’s almost that time of year again.

Local hoteliers are getting ready to open their doors to Niagara residents for the wildly popular Sleep Cheap Charities Reap event.

Jim Diodati, founder and coordinator of the event, says he’s already hearing from people who want to know when the participating hotels will begin accepting registrations. While the event is scheduled to run from Nov. 9-12, Diodati said he’s not yet prepared to say when registrations will begin.

“I’ve gotten a bunch of emails from people who say, ‘I’m reading the newspaper everyday.’ They are dying to know when it is,” says Diodati.

“Obviously, that’s the one little bit of information we try to hold back on so we can have a little bit of fun with it.”

So Nov. 9-12 it is!

The article also mentions that there will be discounted admission to Niagara’s Fury and Journey Behind the Falls.

UFO over Niagara Falls?


From the Niagara Falls Review:

What the heck were those lights in the sky Saturday night?

That’s the question scores of Niagara Falls residents and tourists were left to ponder after seeing an unusual, spectral pattern in the night sky over the tourist district for a period between 9 p.m. and midnight.

Some say the unidentified phenomenon looked like a metallic object hovering motionless and without sound.



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From the Niagara Falls Review:

Ask Niagara Falls magician Greg Frewin how many awards he has won, and he might respond “Which year?”

One of the most decorated illusionists in the industry has little left to prove at this point. His Ellen Avenue theatre is full of plaques, trophies and accolades.

The only one left, it seemed, was Magician of the Year at the prestigious World Magic Awards.

After last week, he can cross that one off the list, too.

Hopefully I’ll be able to see the awards show, as well as the CBC special…

Rink at the Brink anchors 27th Winter Festival of Lights


From the Niagara Falls Review:

You’ll need to lace up more than just your boots for this year’s Winter Festival of Lights.

An outdoor skating rink is the big addition to the festival’s 27th year, which opens Nov. 7. Located next to Table Rock along the Niagara Parkway, the 18-by- 36-metre rink will open in late November and operate daily until Feb. 28.

“It’ll offer public skating in an iconic setting, similar to the rink in Rockefeller Plaza in New York City,” said Jim Diodati, the festival’s acting chairman.

“Yet this will be more dramatic. The rink will be situated at the brink -a stone’s throw from the falls.”

Diodati called it the “most significant event” the festival has ever undertaken. In addition to a steel and glass canvas roof, ‘The Rink at the Brink’ will offer clear span windows to combat mist conditions without blocking the scenery of the falls.

“It’ll be a great view of the falls in all conditions,” said Diodati.

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