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Truck crash at Fallsview Casino entrance


You may have heard about this on the news this morning. Apparently a truck that was trying to get away from the police crashed into the front doors of the Fallsview Casino.

I stopped by the casino and they are already well on their way to getting things cleaned up:

Daytripper: Niagara Falls, Ontario

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From the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle:

From Rochester: About 90 miles.

Attraction: The Winter Festival of Lights in Niagara Falls, Ontario, running through Jan. 4, features holiday light displays, live concerts, fireworks and special events. The outdoor displays are lighted from 5 p.m. to midnight, including an “Enchantment of Disney” display.

Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse: Restaurant’s gauchos slice 12 kinds of Brazilian barbecue

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From the Buffalo News:

They have an awful lot of roast meat in Brazil. Or so it would seem if you visit Brasa, a traditional, newly opened Brazilian barbecue restaurant called a “churrascaria” in the luxe Hilton Hotel attached to the casino.

You can start training for the 2016 Olympics now.

A churrascaria serves meats cooked on vertical spits called rodizios, gaucho style. And in Brasa, as peppy Brazilian tapes play in the background, gaucho-clad servers move from table to table, stopping at those on which a green disc is displayed.

Then, using magnificent knives, they slice the meat off the rodizios as the diners watch in awe. At Brasa, there are 12 different kinds of meat to choose from, including poultry, beef, pork and lamb.

And should you need to take a rest — an entirely likely occurrence— you turn the disc on your table to red and the gauchos will stay away until you get a second wind or something.

Niagara should be leader in province’s new tourism plan: Thomson

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From the Niagara Falls Review:

Niagara Falls should be a leader in the province’s plan to build a stronger, more competitive tourism industry, says Niagara Falls Tourism chairman Wayne Thomson.

“There’s no question that Niagara Falls is the logical leader in tourism,” he said. “While Niagara as a whole provides plenty of tourism opportunities, there are only two municipalities that really have anywhere near international appeal and those are Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the- Lake.”

Under the plan, 13 tourism organizations will be established in regions across Ontario early in the new year. They will be responsible for working with tourism partners to enhance and grow each region’s tourism products and marketing activities.

Curtain of secrecy lifting to reveal secrets inside Niagara Parks Commission

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From the Niagara Falls Review:

First of all, congratulations to Niagara Parks Commissioners for voting in favour of opening their meetings to the public and the media. Quite a novel idea for public lands, we guess.

Vince Kerrio made the motion that was supported by his colleagues. This was the right thing to do and should have been done a long time ago. This newspaper has been calling for this type of openness and transparency for years.

But Kerrio’s rationale for calling the vote – because he felt he (and fellow commissioners) have been unjustly criticized lately -is curious, to say the least.

Parks commission opens up

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From the Niagara Falls Review:

The Niagara Parks Commission wants to go public.

After 124 years of meeting in private, commissioners voted unanimously Friday to open their doors to the public and the media.

“I made a motion at the parks commission today that the meetings, in the spirit of openness and transparency … be open to the public and press,” said Vince Kerrio, a city councillor and the city’s representative on the 12- member provincial agency.

Open meetings is the only way to dispel misconceptions about what goes on at meetings, he said.

Torch arrival should attract 3,000 spectators

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From the Niagara Falls Review:

More than 3,000 supporters are expected to line the route along the Niagara River Parkway Sunday as the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay arrives in Niagara Falls.

To celebrate the arrival of the flame, the city is hosting a free community event starting at 5:30 p. m. near Table Rock that will include live entertainment, interactive displays and giveaways from Torch Relay sponsors, including Coca-Cola and RBC.

At approximately 7 p. m., Olympian and Niagara Falls resident Gord Singleton will carry the flame and light a 1.3-metre-high cauldron.

Fewer Americans coming to Canada


From the Niagara Falls Review:

Fewer Americans came to visit Canada in October than in September, while the number of Canadians travelling to the United States was up slightly the same month, according to new data from Statistics Canada.

Travel by U. S. residents to Canada fell 2.6% to 1.6 million in October, compared to the previous month. This was the first decline in four months, the agency reported this week.

Travel to the United States by Canadian residents edged up 0.1% to 3.3 million.

By contrast, travel to Canada from destinations other than the United States increased by 3.2% to 332,000 in October.

Travel to Canada by United Kingdom residents -Canada’s largest overseas market – increased by 15.3% to 62,000 trips. Trips to Canada from Germany and Australia also posted double-digit gains.

Two-way cross-border car traffic at Niagara Falls bridges has been steady, said Brent Gallaugher, of the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission.

“Auto traffic is holding its own or is creeping up. We’re not in bad shape there,” said Gallaugher. “Trucking is down.”

Rink at the Brink measures up

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From the Niagara Falls Review:

After writing half a dozen news stories about the $750,000 rink, it was time to see firsthand if the new ice is all it’s cracked up to be. (Check out the video tour of the rink on The Review’s website). Having grown up near Ottawa’s famous Rideau Canal, the world’s longest outdoor rink, it’s hard to impress this skating snob.

But the ice is pretty smooth, especially since the temporary rink was built in a field. It feels a little softer than ice at an indoor municipal arena, maybe because Mother Nature hasn’t been co-operative about making ice. Conditions will probably improve the colder it gets and the more times it’s flooded.

The first question most people have is “can you really see the falls?”

“45 Breathtaking Examples of Slow Shutter Speed Photography”

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Smashing Apps has a blog posting which features slow shutter speed photography:

…we have piled up dazzling slow shutter speed photos that will take your breath away. Using slow shutter speed photography can be a totally different phenomenon if you get it right. You can use it to inspire others, or to capture light painting, or may be some smooth water effects, or it can be anything else. So here it is an amazing collection of slow shutter speed photography for your inspiration.

The first picture is of Niagara Falls…

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