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Barrels used by daredevils on display in Niagara Falls exhibit

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From the Canadian Press (via Yahoo! Canada Travel):

Twenty-five years after stuntman Karel Soucek survived his trip over Niagara Falls in a barrel, a new exhibit highlights the daredevils who have been drawn to the site.

Soucek, from Hamilton, suffered only minor injuries in his plunge on July 2, 1984. He died, however, about six months later after a barrel-drop stunt at the Houston Astrodome.

The exhibit, which opened last month in the lobby of the city’s Imax theatre, features Soucek’s red barrel and seven others used by daredevils ranging from Annie Taylor (a school teacher who went over in 1901) to Steve Trotter (a bartender who did it twice, the last time in 1995).

Pedaling to Niagara

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From the Marion Star:

I’ll agree to most invitations for a bicycle ride, but this one was intimidating. Riding from Lake Michigan to Niagara Falls? Continuing to Lake Placid? Riding with a group that was cycling across the country?

At the end of this page there is a link to a full write-up about the ride, including more details about the Canada portion.

No clues to ‘Office’ wedding at Falls

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From the Buffalo News:

I hope all the local fans of NBC’s “The Office” aren’t upset about not being invited to the wedding of Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) and Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) in Niagara Falls.

I supposedly had an “in” and wasn’t invited, either, because the scenes here are being done on a “closed set,” which means it is a private wedding.

The wedding plans are so secret that NBC officials won’t even say when the scenes will be filmed here for fear too many fans will show up if they know the time and place.

Travelodge At the Falls News (20090816)

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On Sunday I received the latest newsletter from the Niagara Clifton Group (the Travelodge, Fun House, Brick City, etc).


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Diva-Paloosa @ The Americana Resort Niagara Falls – Support the CIBC Run for the Cure!

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On Saturday I received the latest email newsletter from the Americana Waterpark Resort.


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Little Pink Flowers: We’re Off to RR&R

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Someone with a TypePad blog has posted about a recent trip to Niagara Falls (start at this page, and then view the next couple of days of posts to hear about the things they did each day):

Tonight Andy and I are flying away to what I’ve heard is one of the most romantic places in the world. My Grandma and Grandpa honeymooned there and I am so excited to spend some alone time with my love!

Can you guess where we’re going?

Yeppers, Niagara Falls!

U.S. travel tumbles as Canadians make fewer trips abroad in June: StatsCan

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From the Canadian Press (via Google News):

Travel between Canada and other countries decreased in June, led by a decline in trips between Canada and the United States…

StatsCan reports the decrease in travel abroad was the result of 9.6 per cent fewer trips to the United States in June…

Canadians took 1.4 million overnight trips to the United States in June, down 4.9 per cent from May…

Travel from the United States to Canada decreased 15.6 per cent to 1.6 million trips…

Empress Inn & Suites and Delhi Darbar

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Back in February I posted about some For Sale signs on the Empress Inn on Clark Avenue. Then a month ago I mentioned how some new signs went up. I never did see a Sold sign, so I don’t know if there are new owners or not. Regardless, the hotel is now called Empress Inn & Suites, and has an Indian restaurant called Delhi Darbar.


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