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More articles on the Casino Niagara lease renewal

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Rather than post these individually, here are some more articles about the Casino Niagara lease renewal:

The world comes to run in Niagara

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From the Niagara Falls Review:

Veterans of the Niagara Falls International Marathon were shocked by what they saw Sunday.

Blue skies. Warm temperatures. No rain coats. They’re so used to lousy weather, being dry is like a consolation prize.

It made for more smiles and a bigger crowd cheering them on during the annual run, which saw more than 5,500 runners participate.

“It’s a beautiful race,” raved Gwen Bartlett of Oakville, who completed the half-marathon portion of the event. “It’s nice and flat, and the scenery is great.”

Travel bugs: Falling for the Falls (October 22nd)

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Someone with a Blogger blog posted about a recent trip to Niagara Falls:

Once in Niagara we found a hotel room a couple of blocks from Clifton Hill and the Falls themselves. Now if mention of Niagara Falls conjures up images of romance and classy rendezvous, it was rather shocking to see the Falls as backdrop to Clifton Hill, a cheesy replica of something from an amusement park. It strongly reminded Shannon of Universal Studios or Disneyland. Her exact words “It doesn’t fit the image of Niagara Falls. The two don’t go together.” Only in Clifton Hill would you see a pirate flag on top of the House of Frankenstein.

Twitter updates for 2009-10-27

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“The Office” wedding screenshots

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I know I’m a few weeks late on this, but I still wanted to post them. Here are 25 screenshots from the HD broadcast of the show. They are pretty self-explanatory. The first few show some scenes as they arrived in Niagara Falls. Then the rest of the pictures are from the Maid of the Mist ride that Jim and Pam took where they got married.

You can click on any of the pictures to see a larger version.


























Safari Niagara receives CAZA Accreditation

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Last Wednesday I received the following newsletter from Safari Niagara (formerly Zooz).


To subscribe to the “The Wild Times”, the Safari Niagara newsletter, click on the subscribe link at the top of any page.

People mover talks progressing

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From the Niagara Falls Review:

Talks aimed at creating an integrated people mover system are underway.

After parting ways more than a year ago, city and Niagara Parks officials are back at the table discussing opportunities to create a single, seamless transit system to link tourist districts with areas currently serviced by the NPC’s familiar green-and-white people movers.

Formal meetings resumed earlier this month -shortly after the province announced $25 million in funding toward the rubber-tired system proposed by the city. Municipal councillors abandoned the idea of building a monorail system last April.

The $25 million pledged by the province matches $25 million offered by the federal government back in 2003.

Niagara Parks general manager John Kernahan and Mayor Ted Salci both say they’re hoping the meetings will lead to an agreement that will allow the city and the commission to move forward together.

City visitor praises GNGH nurses after emergency stay

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From a letter to the Niagara Falls Review:

I am writing to express my appreciation for the wonderful care I received from Greater Niagara General Hospital, just recently, when I was an emergency patient in that facility.

The nursing staff there is, I am sure, second to none in Ontario…

I also want to thank the wonderful staff at the Comfort Inn on Clifton Hill who could not have (treated) my wife and her family any better under unforeseen conditions, finding rooms for them and showing compassion and the utmost professionalism.

Live and Learn: Niagara Falls – Canada Part II

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Someone with a Blogger blog posted about a recent trip to Niagara Falls (including pictures):

Saturday morning we were both up from a lousy night’s sleep. The sleep number bed is just not for us. We both struggled all night to get comfortable. The only position I could tolerate was the forbidden position of laying on my back. It was a long night. But the bright side was I was wide awake at sunrise to capture the beautiful view from our room. I was thrilled (but being geography challenged, could not for the life of me figure out how the sun rose on the right side if we were in Canada facing south) to find out the sun rose right in our window!! And even more thrilled when I finally figured out via trial and error the perfect camera setting to capture the beautiful colors without over exposing

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