Triotech Announces Carnival Chaos Hyper Ride for Niagara Falls

From Coaster101: Triotech and Clifton Hill announced today a major new attraction to be installed in Niagara Falls, ON, Canada. Set for opening next summer season, the brand-new attraction will be called “Carnival Chaos Hyper Ride”. The experience will showcase Triotech’s Hyper Ride, an award-winning innovative interactive media-based dark ride that features a world’s first…

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WARMINGTON: Border-town officials want easier access for American tourists?

From the Toronto Sun: You can’t miss President Joe Biden at the top of Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls, but some Americans do. Something about a bureaucratic ArriveCan app, to be filled out ahead of time, asking for vaccine status, has slowed tourism down. “The tourism industry accounts for $105 billion in Canada, and 40,000…

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Ripley’s now a selfie heaven: Attraction on Clifton Hill embraces kitsch and social media clicks

From Niagara This Week: The newest attraction on Clifton Hill is a selfie paradise. Ripley’s Selfie Studios, which opened at noon Thursday, offers 23 themed installations visitors can interact with. From a disco to a retro diner to a Niagara Falls tightrope, it’s meant to embrace the kitsch and get social media clicks. “We wanted…

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