Cochrane display joins Daredevil Alley in Falls


    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    Daredevil Alley in Niagara Falls has a prominent new tenant.

    Jay Cochrane, the legendary wirewalker who made Niagara Falls his second home, has been memorialized with a large display at the Queen Street attraction.

    Though it has been up for a few weeks, the display will be officially unveiled at a ceremony on Thursday starting at 4 p.m.

    The project was spearheaded by Niagara Falls’ downtown BIA and Cochrane’s former sister-in-law, Constance Cochrane, who has lived in downtown Niagara Falls for four years. The sign is actually on the side of the building she lives in.

    She says Jay would be thrilled to see the city he loved recognize him with a permanent display.

    “He’d be glowing,” she said. “Smiling from ear to ear.”

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    1. I wish Jay would have gotten more recognition over the years. He was such a nice guy. It’s too bad he wasn’t allowed to walk over the Falls, while Wallenda got permission.

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