Food court in the bottom level of the Skylon Tower

The main reason that people visit the Skylon Tower is to go up the tower for the view, or for the restaurant. If you’ve been there, you’ve probably also noticed that the bottom level has a large arcade. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than 20 people or so in that area. There is also a small food court with 4 fast food outlets. At one point there was a Mr. Submarine, Pizza Pizza, Dairy Queen, and a generic one. Now Mr. Sub and Dairy Queen are closed up. The signs are up for the other two, but who knows if they are actually going to be open. I don’t remember the last time I saw any of them open.

5 thoughts on “Food court in the bottom level of the Skylon Tower

  1. I’ve been there a few times and hardly anything open plus when I would call Diary Queen they would keep saying on their voice mail that they’re closed for the season.

    There is a guy on youtube who lives in New York somewhere and he has been going to this place often to play games.

  2. I’ve only known the Pizza Pizza to be open. Mostly to cater to kids birthday parties in the adjacent party rooms. The games are old, the prize counter is barely open. The wall of crt TVs is never on. I would imagine it was a cool place in the 80s and a lot of money was probably put into it. The admin offices are also down there and the best bathrooms around. It needs a complete overall. Take the elevator down and let your small kids run loose.

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