Pete Rose coming to inaugural Niagara Falls Sports Expo

From Niagara This Week: A lot of ink has been spilled on the life and times of Pete Rose. Countless baseball books, news stories and feature stories have been written on him across decades: the controversy, the lifetime suspension, the negativity. And yet, through it all, ‘Charlie Hustle’ remains a fan who loves to talk…

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Caustic but sweet, Behar pleases her audience in Niagara Falls

From the Buffalo News: Joy Behar can make people laugh. That we know. But can the recently departed co-host of “The View” work a crowd? Can she thrive in what might be the entertainment industry’s most intense spotlight – that of a stand-up comic? That was the question Saturday night when Behar stepped onstage at…

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With a falls attraction still on hold, Wallenda takes his act to Darien Lake

From the Buffalo News: We’re happy to see that Nik Wallenda is returning to this area, even if it’s not back to Niagara Falls, where the wire walker gained fame. Wallenda has kept a special place in his heart for Niagara Falls since his walk across the Horseshoe Falls in June 2012. Live television allowed…

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