$3 Million To Improve Niagara Falls State Park


    From MyTwinTiers.com:

    The state has launched a more than $3 million project to improve Niagara Falls State Park, New York’s most-visited Park.

    On Tuesday, workers began blocking off public access to the Three Sisters Islands and Luna Island viewing areas on the American side of the Falls. The project calls for $2 million in upgrades to Three Sisters and another $1.1 in improvements to Luna Island.

    2 Responses to “$3 Million To Improve Niagara Falls State Park”

    1. Graham, you do realize that this article is dated September 2012, right? They’ve long completed this project [phase 1] and the restoration to Prospect Point [phase 2].

      • Sorry about that. All of the articles I’ve scheduled for the next couple of days just showed up in my news feeds, so I’m not sure where this one came from. Yes, you are right, it is very old news 🙁

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