And now back to our regular scheduled programming…

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You have probably noticed that I’ve finally gotten myself going again and started posting today. I’m sorry that it took so long. As a result of my grandmother passing away, I just got out of the habit, and I kept putting things off. Today I made some time, so I’m back at it.

You’ll definitely see some old news posted over the next couple of days, but if you’ve followed the blog then you know I still like to have things posted. I would assume that by early next week things will be back to normal (current news).

Thanks for your patience…

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  1. The important part is that you came back. No more pity apologies please ~ seems like the pre-summer time-frame gets most bloggers outside their comfort zone.

    Although it is good to see that your RSS feed hasn’t been replaced by a Tumblr or Pinterest account.

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