LG Slid into Red Bull Crashed Ice

I share this not because it has much to do with Niagara Falls specifically, but because it goes to show you how big that Red Bull Crashed Ice event was. There were lots of big name brands involved with it.

From a PR Newswire press release:

While ice-hockey aces hurtled down the track at the Niagara Falls stop of the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Series, attendees also enjoyed screaming speeds off the track with the newest LG smartphone, the LG Optimus G.

LG jumped on board as a sponsor for the Niagara Falls stop of the tour from November 30 to December 1, 2012. The company brought the best viewing screens, an opportunity for fans to check-out the Optimus G, and integrated the device into the event as the ticket scanner for all gated areas.

“Participating in Red Bull Crashed Ice was a natural fit for LG,” said Mallika Kazim, director, brand marketing, LG Canada. “With its quad-core processor and LTE functionality, the Optimus G is dynamic and exciting, just like Crashed Ice.”

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