Thousands pack convention centre for Comic Con

From the Niagara Falls Review:

They came as zombies and as superheroes. They came in drag and in batsuits.

Mostly, they came in droves to Saturday’s Niagara Falls Comic Con. When it was over, about 5,000 people passed through the pop culture party, making it one of the biggest single-day events at the Scotiabank Convention Centre since it opened last year.

“We crushed it,” said a satisfied co-organizer Paul Tappay, who spent a year planning the show with business partner Chris Dabrowski.

“We’re an organizing mullet … he’s the business end and I’m the party end.”

After holding the city’s first Comic Con on Clifton Hill last year, they gambled on the city’s new convention centre for this year, knowing it could be a financial nightmare if it didn’t take off. They both hoped for 2,000 to 3,000 people to show up – that figure was history by noon. Crowds packed the hall all day scooping toys, books and autographs, confirming Tappay’s hunch Niagara Falls was ready to compete with cities like San Diego and Toronto as a Comic Con destination.

It erased any doubt there would be a show next year. It’ll be a two-day event in 2013, using even more floor space.

Two of my sisters took my two sons to this, and they had a great time. They said the place was very busy, and that they’d definitely go back if they did it again. They didn’t think that the price could be any higher though, unless they get more “big-name” stars in.

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