More Stuntmen Want To Challenge The Mighty Niagara

From WKBW Channel 7 in Buffalo:

Three men said if daredevil Nik Wallenda can perform a stunt across the falls, they should be able to as well. Park authorities said not so fast.

Peter Debernardi, 65, Dave Munday, 75, and Scott Trotter, 49, all said they will plunge over the falls in barrels this year or next. If their names sound familiar, it is because they all have performed the stunt before, illegally. Trotter spent several days behind bars.

This time two of the men, Debernardi and Trotter, plan to ask for the Canadian Park’s permission to perform the stunt. Munday said he would do it with or without their blessing.

3 thoughts on “More Stuntmen Want To Challenge The Mighty Niagara

  1. It would be rad if they had permission to do the first ‘tandem jump’. Get it all over with and add all of their names to the history and Guinness records books together.

    1. If they jump together there could be a competition – best design, most FB likes, and in turn best sponsor. Marriott vs. Sheraton vs. Hilton.

      I’d root for Marriott Gateway ‘going over’ the Falls.

      Get everyone involved. OLG could start taking bets on the event right?

  2. I hope Nik falls cause he shouldn’t even be allowed to cross when Jay has asked way before Nik.

    I won’t be watching it but I hope he does fall.

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