Maid of the Mist may not run again

Apparently there is concern now about whether the existing Maid of the Mist will run this season. I’m sure something will get resolved.

Here are some articles about it:

3 thoughts on “Maid of the Mist may not run again

  1. We’re pissed off because we didn’t win the contract, so we’re not going to operate from Canada any more and pass up the $30 million a year we would have made.

    Like this is ever going to happen!!!!!

  2. Yeah, it seems hard to believe to me that they would leave money on the table, especially when they still currently have the contract on the US side.

  3. Besides the money issue, there is logostics also. I would assume that if they chose to not operate from our side again, they are, if effect, cancelling their monthly contract with NPC, who would, I also assume, require them to immediately vacate the land on the Canadian side that is part of that contract. NOW, where do they put the 4 boats, docks and anything else they own, certainly not on the U.S. side since there is absolutely no room. I don’t think they have any choice other than to operate this year and next, giving them time to make a graceful exit from the scene.

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