Floral Clock vs. Love Canal…we win that one…

From Tim Denis on 610 CKTB (his “View From the Drive Thru” commentary):

Americans and Canadians have a lot in common but we do some things very differently. There are many examples of the US doing a much better job of preserving their history than Canada but one example of how the Canadian Government was way ahead of our neighbors is right in our own backyard…or front yard if you happen to live in the Falls. Back in the late 1800s both the Ontario and New York State governments were faced with a question of what to do about the Niagara River and Niagara Falls itself. Their reactions could not have been any different. The Americans decided to exploit the industrial possibilities of the river…they built roads and encouraged factories to make use of the waterway and the cheap power. The result is what you see across the river. Highways and smokestacks. The Ontario government created the Niagara Parks Commission in 1885.

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