‘It feels more like a park than a Parkway’

From the Niagara Falls Review:

The inaugural Car-Free Day on the Niagara Parkway wasn’t free of suggestions from both tourists and locals who want to see the event evolve from its humble beginnings Sunday.

“This is awesome,” said Mike Sherman, a cyclist from Montreal who was riding down the empty Parkway toward the Horseshoe Falls with fellow Montrealer Jen Zwarych.

“I think it’s great,” Zwarych said, adding it was their first time in Niagara Falls. “It’s a little empty though. We’ve never been here with the cars, but if the cars are louder than the falls it would definitely make it less cool.”

For the first time ever, the Niagara Parks Commission on Sunday shut down the Niagara Parkway to vehicle traffic, except the NPC’s people-mover buses.

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