NPC to remove ‘unfriendly’ fence

From the Niagara Falls Review:

It’s not exactly tearing down the Berlin Wall, but the Niagara Parks Commission plans to remove the iron fence that funnelled visitors to the Table Rock complex into its gift shop before they could even get a closeup view of the Horseshoe Falls.

“This was a very unfriendly action, this fence,” chairwoman Fay Booker said in an interview Saturday, adding the commission’s own employees pointed out it was “not people-friendly.”

“Their sense was it’s how they’re fencing off the public.”

Removing big sections of it is part of a focus on the “re-beautification” of its park areas that will take place this spring, leading up to a “grand opening” on the April 30 weekend, Booker said.

One thought on “NPC to remove ‘unfriendly’ fence

  1. Always “hated” that fence from the very beginning!!!! Complained about it, with a passion, every time we visited!!! Happy that someone came to their senses……. 🙂

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