The great dinosaur migration of 2010

There should have been a Discovery Channel documentary about it! Were you luck enough to witness the great dinosaur migration of 2010? I was, and it was breathtaking… seeing those big animals move along to their new home was incredible. I will always be able to tell everyone, “I was there!”


Seriously though, over the last couple of days most of the dinosaurs were taken out of the old Dinosaur Park Miniature Golf and most of them were moved over to the new Dinosaur Park Adventure Golf.

3 thoughts on “The great dinosaur migration of 2010

  1. It’s good to see that the Brontosaurus? is being a good boy and wearing his winter boots. 😉 The others will be sorry when they have cold, wet feet.

  2. I am a Niagara Region resident and I’ve naturally been to Clifton Hill many times and this is one of the most awesome changes they’ve made since I’ve lived here (i loved this place as a kid). The dinasaurs you see here are new ones built recently while the old (and fakey looking) ones have been taken off display. I saw the site last weekend and I can’t wait until it’s done.

    There’s a really cool T-Rex right beside the Sky Wheel that looks right into the gondolas.

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