Convention Centre progress

Wow! I haven’t been by that area in probably 2 months. They seem to be making great progress on the Niagara Convention and Civic Centre (NCCC). It appears that the structure/shell of the building is almost done.

8 thoughts on “Convention Centre progress

  1. Thanks Drafty, I haven’t been on the Stanford Downey website since this project began, so that is a nice find. I also haven’t ever heard about future expansion, only that the original 250,000 square foot floor plan was increased to 288,000 square feet. Some of that extra space will remain unfinished for future use, but atleast 4,000 square feet will be developed into a pre-event meeting room.

  2. The picture also looks like there is a path and outlook post. I don’t remember that being part of the project (or even possible). Wouldn’t Loretto be in the way?

  3. Dan, that path is basically Livingston St. They have conveniently not shown the Sheraton (grey outline on the ground), Marriott, or anything else in that area. I always hate it when they do that with artists concepts – omit things that ARE there, and show trees and landscaping that never will be there.

  4. Hmmm that site says it will be 300,000 square feet. Did they make it even bigger or did they just round up the number?

    Would be interesting to know if that ghost building attached is a future expansion plan!?

    I like the viewing platform in that picture at the end of Livingston St they should do that!

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