‘The Office’ wedding: A shindig worth the trip to Niagara Falls

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    From the Chicago Tribune:

    I think Philadelphia Daily News critic Ellen Gray put it best: “Thought the hype had killed ‘The Office’ wedding for me. But I’m all choked up.”

    Agreed. I don’t know about you, but I teared up at the end. And that’s kind of miraculous, considering that two things have been overexposed this year. One was “The Office” wedding (and yes, I realize that I added to the hype with my article and tweets, but I was genuinely excited about seeing Jim and Pam tie the knot, and now I know the episode definitely met all my expectations and then some).

    Another overexposed thing: The “dancing down the aisle” wedding from Youtube.

    Despite the potential that big TV weddings have for being dumping grounds for cliches, despite the fact that we all probably thought we never wanted to see or read about that video again, “The Office” writers were very clever and the whole thing ended up not only funny but heartfelt.

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