Every Day Is a Miracle: Tripping in Toronto–Part 2, Niagara Falls

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    Someone with a Blogger blog reminisced about a trip and posted about a recent trip to Niagara Falls:

    I first saw Niagara Falls when I was 16 years old, as part of a wonderful cross-country trip I took with my family. Six weeks in a car, driving across the country, without portable DVD players, iPods, cell phones, or even walkmans! We had books, and our family of five camped in three pup tents. The entire trip, we stayed with friends and family or camped. I think we stayed in a motel 2 nights because of severe weather (although we also camped in severe weather, including record 1-1/2-inch rainfall in New York in July!). At any rate, we camped in Ontario to view Niagara Falls. All I remember is seeing the Canadian falls (but how could we not have seen the American falls??). I don’t remember anything touristy about them at all. When I’ve asked my mom what she can remember, she recalls seeing a very touristy gift shop. I laughed at that and said “you have no idea.”

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