GO trains roll into Niagara Saturday


    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    After years of clamouring to get on the GO train, Niagara finally gets on board Saturday morning, though with 36 hours before the first train’s arrival there aren’t many signs of the debut of a much-anticipated service.

    On Thursday, there weren’t many signs at the Bridge Street station indicating the debut of a new, much-anticipated rail service between Niagara Falls and Toronto. There’s no green-and-white GO logo anywhere to be seen.

    “What you see is what you get, honey,” said a woman working in Via Rail’s ticket counter when asked if there have been many modifications.

    2 Responses to “GO trains roll into Niagara Saturday”

    1. I love this Idea, and I hope the trains stay after Thanksgiving. Just It would be better if they ran all 7 days, or at least on a Friday in addition to the weekends.

      A couple times a year a group of friends and us go to Toronto for a weekend from the US side of the falls. We always stay for 2 days though, leaving on a Friday mid-day, and returning on a Sunday afternoon. We would love to take the train instead of driving, but they need to add Friday service.

    2. I’ll be taking the Go train with my boyfriend in a few weeks to go to Canada’s Wonderland and I’m just as excited for the train trip as I am the rides at Wonderland! 🙂

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