Daredevils get new digs

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    In a city full of museums, it’s one that’s often overlooked.

    But you’ll be hard pressed to find one more fascinating.

    This weekend, the Daredevil Gallery inside the Niagara Falls IMAX Theatre gets a long overdue makeover. For weeks, Toronto company BaAM Productions has been souping up the historic collection, adding more video, more stories and more pizzazz.

    General Manager Gil Perez feels it will shed new light on one of the city’s claims to fame.

    “We’ve got the world’s largest collection of barrels that have actually gone over the falls, (but) we were displaying them in a low key way throughout the lobby,” he says.

    “We’ve decided to take these barrels, put them in their own separate space, and really do some good interpretive research to provide a much better experience to people visiting our theatre.”

    I had no idea they were doing this. I will definitely go next week and take some pictures!

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