A Scene from the movie Niagara – Then and Now

    Lots has changed in the 50 years since the movie Niagara was filmed. I could post all sorts of pictures of today’s Niagara Falls versus the Niagara Falls of 1952/1953. But I’ll only post one thing because you can be right there…

    One of the main locations in the movie is Rainbow Cabins. There is a little stone “hut” that is beside the cabins that is right next to the gorge. The following is from page 7 of George Bailey’s Marilyn Monroe and the Making of “Niagara”:

    Art Jolley… employed 25 carpenters for the construction of the imitation “Rainbow Cabins.” The cabins were built on the edge of the Niagara River opposite the American Falls in QUeen Victoria Park near our existing stone lookout called Inspiration Point (the lookout was removed for safety reasons by The Niagara Parks Commission several years ago). However, a similar lookout called Rambler’s Rest is still located north of the former Inspiration Point lookout.

    If it wasn’t for that explanation, I would have thought the existing structure is the one that was used in the movie. Here are a few pictures:

    Inspiration Point stone lookout before the movie Niagara

    This picture is scanned from page 6 of George Bailey’s Marilyn Monroe and the Making of “Niagara”. The caption to the picture is “Niagara Parks crew remove sod in order that Rainbow Cabins can be built”. Photo by Edwin Hodge

    Inspiration Point stone lookout from movie Niagara

    This is a screen capture from the movie. Jean Peters is walking towards her cabin and you can see the lookout and the American Falls in the background.

    Rambler's Rest stone lookout in Spring 2005

    This is a picture taken today. If you look closely at the roof, you’ll see that it is angled slightly differently. The current lookout also looks narrower.

    So apparently the first two pictures are of Inspiration Point which no longer exists. The last picture is of Rambler’s Rest which is located north of where Inspiration Point was.

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