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    Sean Kirst: The soul of Niagara Falls, revealed at dawn

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    From the Buffalo News:

    They had dreamed of seeing Niagara Falls since they were children in Zimbabwe, on the other side of the Atlantic. Last week, while visiting friends in Ohio, James and Sta Maodzwa decided they would make the trip to Niagara.

    Accompanied by their nephew Tongai and their 12-year-old son Ngoni, they booked a room at the Holiday Inn and then walked to the falls in the middle of the day. It was beautiful, but buses rumbled behind them and tourist groups pushed up to the railing. The bustle around the brink, the many visitors bumping around as they stretched and shouldered and did their best to take “selfies,” made it difficult for the couple to really focus on the natural majesty a few feet away.

    Niagara Falls, CN Tower to be lit purple for World Prematurity Day

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    From CityNews.ca:

    Niagara Falls and the CN Tower will be bathed in purple light on Sunday evening in a global effort to raise awareness of preterm birth.

    Sunday is World Prematurity Day and hospitals, parliament houses, bridges and skyscrapers, including the Empire State Building, are taking part.

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