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2010 World Magic Awards (featuring Greg Frewin)

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I know everyone says it, but time sure does fly! Back in 2010 when I heard that Greg Frewin was going to receive the Magician of the Year award ad the World Magic Awards, I contacted my father-in-law to record it for me. He had a fancy DVR that would record from TV and burn to DVD. Now almost 7 years later it is amazing how that technology seems to ancient. The quality of the video was poor, but at least I had a copy.

If you are interested in Niagara Falls, then you’ve probably seen that Greg Frewin is often promoted as the Apparently he won a variety of awards within a short period of time, almost like winning the grand slam of golf or tennis. Since he had all the big awards, he was referred to as the International Grand Champion of Magic.

I had not heard of the World Magic Awards before then, but apparently it had been on TV for a few years. However, I think 2010 may have been the last year.

I checked on YouTube, and it doesn’t look like anyone has posted it, so here, for your viewing pleasure, is the 2010 World Magic Awards. Despite the poor quality, that magic is pretty exceptional. There are many different acts, and then Greg Frewin finishes the show.

World Magic Awards with Frewin airs Sunday

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From the Niagara Falls Review:

Niagara magician Greg Frewin’s triumphant night at last year’s World Magic Awards in Los Angeles will be televised on Sun TV this Sunday night.

The show, which saw Frewin win the prestigious Magician of the Year award, will air at 8 p.m. The special aired in November in the U.S.

Frewin also closes the show with a performance.

The show airs on Cogeco channels 15, 16 and 45 (depending on service), Bell Express VU Channel 213, and Star Choice Channel 326.

Note: I’ll record it and put up some screenshots next week sometime…


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From the Niagara Falls Review:

Ask Niagara Falls magician Greg Frewin how many awards he has won, and he might respond “Which year?”

One of the most decorated illusionists in the industry has little left to prove at this point. His Ellen Avenue theatre is full of plaques, trophies and accolades.

The only one left, it seemed, was Magician of the Year at the prestigious World Magic Awards.

After last week, he can cross that one off the list, too.

Hopefully I’ll be able to see the awards show, as well as the CBC special…

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