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    Downtown Wi-Fi program gets a boost from Destination Niagara

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    From the Niagara Gazette:

    Destination Niagara USA, the renamed tourism bureau of Niagara County, has thrown financial support behind a local push to install wireless Internet equipment on Old Falls Street.

    The Wi-Fi pilot program, which would allow up to 4,000 simultaneous users to access the web on their telephones, laptops and tablets, is being driven by the Niagara Global Tourism Institute.

    Destination Niagara’s board of directors approved a $50,000 allocation for the initiative over the next two budget years last week, according to Andrea Czopp, the organization’s director of communications.

    Spinning Security at 500 Feet

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    This doesn’t affect any of the visiting tourists, but here is a short article from JMR SoftwareSystems about the challenges implementing a network at the spinning restaurant at the Skylon Tower:

    The very location of the RDR presents a challenge. With a more than 500 foot span from the central computers at the bottom of the tower to the terminals at the top, fibre optic connections are necessary to bridge the gap. In the dining room stations are located on both the revolving floor and the stationary centre, making wireless connectivity for the system a must.

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