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    Wallenda ready to walk across brink of falls

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    The organizers of Nik Wallenda’s proposed tightrope walk across the Horseshoe Falls say they’ll spend any amount of money needed to make it happen.

    Site preparation, rigging setup, rescue personnel, helicopters and security will all be paid by Wallenda Inc., the corporation that oversees the performances of the famed Wallenda family.

    “Certainly I would think when all is said and done, it would be at least $1 million,” said Wallenda’s manager Winston Simone. That money would be recouped by a television deal with the Discovery Channel, as event sponsors. “We would like to believe we would be able to find corporate sponsors who would help us. With what a sponsor will get for this, we believe it’s a good bet.”

    NFR exec seen aiding Wallenda in wire-walk bid

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    From the Buffalo News:

    Nik Wallenda, who hopes to wire-walk across Niagara Falls sometime next summer, has attracted crowds each time he has come to the Cataract City.

    He has also attracted the attention of a man whose much-talked-about company has unveiled different plans for this city: Roger Trevino of Niagara Falls Redevelopment LLC.

    Trevino has been “guiding” Wallenda during his local appearances, according to Wallenda’s manager.

    “He’s sort of a friend of the family, so to speak,” manager Winston Simone said Thursday. “He’s able to give us direction, and he knows the lay of land.”

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