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    Extreme athlete brings gold

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    About the only thing faster than Olympic gold medallist Jon Montgomery going downhill on his skeleton is how quickly his popularity across the country has exploded.

    From his joyous acceptance of the gold medal to his spontaneous beer-jug hoisting celebration on the streets of Whistler, B.C., Montgomery has become a national icon.

    The charismatic native of Russell, Man., is in Niagara Falls Thursday for the launch of the new IMAX film, Extreme, which profiles sports that have an extreme edge. Hurtling headfirst down the side of a mountain certainly qualifies Montgomery to be the spokesman for extreme sports.

    “The theatre, like myself, saw some incredibly strong parallels between what is going to be happening in this film and what it is that myself, my teammates and some of the other Canadians athletes who were just at the Olympics get up to with our training and competition schedule,” he said.

    If you read the article, you find out that the movie opens to the public on Friday, and that the Thursday (today) launch is an “invitation-only” event. Jon will be there for a reception, and then the movie will be shown. I will be attending with my 7-year-old son and he’s very excited. I’ve heard that there are still some seats available, so you might be able to contact the theatre and see if you can get in. I would NOT advise just showing up. They are reserving spots so that they only let in as many as can fit in the theatre.

    I’ll try to write about it on Friday, but if not, then early next week…

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