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    NIAGARA DISCOVERIES: ‘A. Lincoln and Family’ visited Niagara Falls

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    From the Lockport Journal:

    Today is the 152nd anniversary of the death of Abraham Lincoln. We know that our 16th president visited the Niagara Frontier at least twice, and possibly three times, before he took his first oath of office in March, 1861. Read More…

    Going Our Way: A Canadian detour between Detroit and Washington

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    From the Washington Post:

    A nine-hour drive with three children younger than 7 is not for the fainthearted, but Cathy Buffington and Don Badrak have a plan. The University Park couple, who’ll be driving from Detroit to Washington with their kids next month, want to veer off track for a few days in Ontario as long as they’re up north. High on their wish list: play time and family attractions in Toronto, hiking and parks of all kinds, especially water parks — or at least hotels with awesome pools.

    Detouring via Canada will add about four hours to the drive home, but it’s well worth it for the chance to visit two primo family destinations: Toronto and Niagara Falls. Toronto in the summer is a delight, with enough activities to keep the gang busy for a week. And visiting the falls is one of those legendary experiences that the kids will remember for the rest of their lives. Plus they get to wear those cool yellow slickers. The only question: Stay on the Canadian or the U.S. side? More on that burning controversy later.

    World-renowned Bodies Exhibition comes to Niagara Falls at Niagara Exhibition Centre – Exhibition opens in Niagara Falls May 28 – Tickets on sale today!


    From a CNW press release:

    Premier Exhibitions, Inc. in collaboration with Serge Grimaux and Niagara Theatre & Entertainment are proud to present BODIES…THE EXHIBITION, An Exhibition of Real Human Bodies at Niagara Exhibition Centre located at Stanley Ave & Highway 420. This scientific exhibition displays whole and partial body specimens that have been meticulously dissected and preserved through an innovative process. It will open on May 28 and will be presented in Niagara Falls until September 6.

    To date, more than 15 million visitors in New York, Las Vegas, Washington, London, São Paulo, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Vienna and Prague have been astounded by this remarkable exhibition, which helps us better understand the amazing machine that is the human body.

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